= Anyone else extremely annoyed with the lack of free finishing options for the Beach House? Like seriously… I don’t want to spend money/diamonds or waste my home points to unlock paint colours.. =

I totally agree! $2-3K for a ceiling color? So I’m just picking everything that’s free and moving on. I use these mainly to get rid of stuff I don’t want anyway

Not sure who the audience is for this. I just choose anything, dump unwanted furniture and cash in

IMO, it’s total BS that they even take the stuff out of your inventory for My Homes, let alone charge for stuff in them. Cheap. You know how the Grandwas formed? The CEO dropped a quarter down a freakin prairie dog. 🙄
After being team “best design possible” for these homes, the beach house is sending me straight to team “dump room.” It’s no longer worth it

I either dump trash items into them or use them to save things for later like Christmas things. I wish we could use an attic where we could just store things out of our active inventory
I went and changed my review of the game because of it. There are so few options unless you have 100,000 diamonds or dollars to design one room. It took the fun away of having all these options, so I stopped doing new rooms in the beach house

Yep, I work with whatever they have here for free. It's just a nice way to get 500 diamonds and the access to more decor

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