= Are Ivy League schools really as depicted in old TV shows? =

This might be a reallyquestion, but in older shows like Gossip Girl or whatever, are those the types of people we are REALLY up against? Or is it grossly exaggerated?
I think if they made an accurate depiction of Ivy League life on TV or movies, people would be disappointed
I read “old TV show” in the title and thought of I Love Lucy or even Full House or something

but in older shows like Gossip Girl

yeah, reality a lot less glamorousa lot more boing and sometimes depressing ..

J.J. McCullough points out that when tv/movie writers depict schools settings on screen, they are usually showing a version of school that they experience when they were that age, ie a 50 year old screenwriter is writing a scene from their time as a 10-22 year old, and it’s going to look rather different due to the way things have changed since then

No, Gossip Girl is the one mainstream TV show that is 100% real with 0 exaggeration in any plot point

I will say that UPenn students are known for beingfinancially especially

I’m a new middle class princeton student and no, everyone I’ve met, even the ones from like Exeter, are nice and everyone’s pretty humble about how they got in
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