= My boyfriend’s solution to me being mad that he finishes everything in the house without buying a replacement. = My ex was like that. I eventually got myself a plastic container and kept my snacks in that. Plastered with very detailed and explicit stickers as to what would happen if so much as a corn chip go missing. He got the hint and bought his own nibblies. I wasn't about to take on a part time job to pay for his highly worrying M &M habit 1 more reply 17 more replies 3 more replies 1 more reply I eventually had to hide any treat I wanted to be able tofrom my ex husband. He'dall of something in one sitting and leave it like this, or even totally empty. If I brought it up there were all kinds of excuses, but never any change, and I was mean because he was a big hungry man One of so many little inconsiderate and subtly controlling behaviors, which definitely we're not cute or tolerable in the long run. This kid ofis why I may date but will never cohabitate again My husband is kind of like this too. When we were dating he’d ask to try something I ordered and somehowhalf of my sandwich, fish, whatever in a single bite. He ate an entire salmon on Christmas Eve. He ate 12 eggs in 5 days. Like…just…how? And he’s thin. Like the very hungry caterpillar but in the end he’s just annoying 2 more replies == About Community == Members Online #35 Ranked by Size