= Pants with integrated knee pads =

I’m looking for pants with integrated knee pads that aren’t camo pattern. Anyone have or seen something like this?
Crye or UFPro are the usual go to - there are other cheaper brands that look like crye, can't remember though

Triple aight design, 1620 workwear, Fjallraven

Crye, UFPro etc. all have multiple solid color options as well

CQR Men's Flex Stretch Tactical Pants off Amazon I believe has those

40 bucks but decent quality

Pretty sure from China and also Amazon but they won't cost you $200

These look promising. I really like the idogear but doesn’t have the range of colors

As someone with a ton of these style pants. I highly recommend you don't

Adding kneepads is easy Or get the pants where you can slip them in

The ones with it built in? Well You look like Rick the Leader of the Ding Dong Brigade if you gotta wear those and grab some milk quick at the store

Source: I was Rick
being able to slip them into designed pockets would be fine too. I’m looking for an option away from strap on/slip on knee pads. Too hot and tend to slip
Issued OCP pants have a pocket on the inside for the soft knee pads. I'm sure you could find some surplus kicking around
I have Tru Spec and I think 5.11 brand pants like this. Paid less than $70 for both. Both held up for rifle classes pretty well

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