CTS Consultancy is now handling the range of equipment designed and marketed by G-Tech Solutions previously Gateway Technology. I set up the company jointly in 1984 and have been the subsequent designer of almost all of the products in the range which have seen service in the surface coating, printing & allied industries throughout the world

CTS Consultancy working with associates can supply new and reconditioned equipment and parts for the solvent recovery NSC series from the 25 litre to 200 litre capacities along with the NSP parts washer series

The well known, tried & tested NSC solvent recovery units can be supplied in carbon or stainless steel materials with or without auto-filling and vacuum assistance

When available reconditioned units can be supplied at approximately 50% of the price of new units with a full warranty. If required prices can be inclusive of commissioning and Atex Inspection/Certification

Spare parts, bespoke design, technical advice and certification for the full range of G-Tech Solutions equipment is available which includes Solvent Recovery, Parts washing & Degreasing

Tony Robinson.