If you ask any student, "Who invented the radio?" the answer, if given at all, will no doubt be Marconi - an answer consistent with all encyclopedias and textbooks. Or you ask anyone who invented what powers their toaster, computer, streetlight, business, and office building. Without hesitation the answer will be Thomas Edison, who else?

- But both answers are wrong

The correct answer would be Nikola Tesla, a person few have ever heard of. He is said to have received X-ray radiation a year before W.K. discovered X-rays, he built a tube amplifier a few years before Lee de Forest, he used neon lights in his laboratory 40 years before industry invented it, he demonstrated the principles we use today for microwave ovens and radar decades before they were invented became part of our society. However, we do not associate his name with any of these inventions

His inventions include alternating current, alternating current motor, Tesla coil, radio technology, remote controls, radio (energy transmitter, free energy receiver), high-frequency lamp, disc rotor turbine and more than 700 other patents.