= I was fortunate enough to acquire this LVT flooring from work to help renovate my house with. I’m a 25yo M with no experience in design or matching up paint colors with other finishes. I was thinking light gray. Can someone on this sub help me? = Hardwood floors are classic and worth money when you go to resell. LVT may look trendy now will look tired in the near future I'm biased because I spent an entire summer chipping away early 80's beige vinyl flooring glue off oak floors in a Craftsman Hopefully he’s doing floating. If so, it would take no time at all removing it in the future when its no longer “trendy” Unless you like gray You don’t have to stop doing the things you like just because everybody else does it. If you like gray go with gray. It’s better than picking a color you won’t like as much just to be different I am crying for your floors underneath Such beautiful oak hardwood you're covering up 😢 I was thinking the same thing! Maybe they're in such bad disrepair it's not worth fixing? I don't know. Personally, I wouldfor that real hardwood flooring in my house. Covering it would be a huge Be aware that paint colors always look darker and more saturated on a wall than in a sample. If you pick something with a green or blue tint, it’s highly likely it will end up greener or bluer than you expected. I would not pick any of the colors you selected personally if you want a “light gray”. You should pick something lighter and warmer Personal experience, my wall colors match the samples 100% maybe it's a issue with cheap paint? put the chips on the floor and see which one matches best. that will give you an idea of the tone of the floor. then from there you can go lighter or darker, more warm, less warm. if you want contrast, you want to go opposite of the floor tone, if you want to harmonize with floor, stay in the same tone. there are better ways to pick paint color, but this has always worked for me. To my eye, the strip on the far right and the lightest is the best choice, though seems to have a lot of yellow at the lighter end of the strip, My advice is bring a plank to store with you and check the strips in the store, outside in natural daylight and then in the lighting you plan to use. the floor looks very neutral, meaning you can pick any color and it will look good if you also you coordinate the rest of the room's furnishings/decor/window treatments. if you have decor or furnishings you plan to use, check your paint chips against those items. Think about what you want to catch the eye. is it the floor or maybe a nice furniture piece or the windows. do you have a rug for the space? what is the main color? the sky is the limit when you are starting with a blank slate. sherwin williams has a good information site on how to pick color. even if you use a different paint the info is helpful. take some pics of furniture, drapes, tables, whatever you have and want to use. you'll get better advice All the colors that are tagged are pretty dark. A lot of other commenters here have mentioned choosing something lighter, which I agree with. But something you really want to take into account is how big your rooms are and what kind of light you have coming in What's the floorplan like--is it open or more segmented with lots of hallways and rooms? Do you have natural light coming in? Smaller rooms will appear much darker than the paint swatch. The color of the bulbs you choose will have an affect on the color. The color of the wood reflecting on the walls will have an affect. The bedding and curtains can even change the look of your paint color Personally if you want a "light" option I would say choose only within the 1 or 2 lightest color options shown on each of those swatches Gray is a good neutral color but the problem with this is your floor is also Grey so instead I would look into a dark is blue to bring the Grey out more and make your floor seem lighter withbaseboards and trims. All Grey would make it just seem very boring and it would all meld into each other you wouldn't really have any contrast this approach would make room feel bigger and if the furniture is the focus and any color except grey, it can work. browns and wood tones look great in a cool grey room. really depends on the mood he wants to create. light and airy or cozy? med to dark in a small room would feel stuffy Don’t be afraid to pick a couple you like and get those small sample cans, do some test sections on your wall Maybe if you like light gray , you can pick from the second line (right) the 5th one (from the bottom). It looks like light blue-gray, so maybe it’s add some *color* for your walls. Because I like gray too, but I did renovation at home and chose gray colors and now I trying to add some colors in my rooms because it looks very cold and uncomfortable.. and also I’m happy that I changed floor color. In design project that I order the floor was also gray one, but I chose brown wood and now it looks more cozy 🧸 Nice colors you have looked into, personally pallette 3 is way too cold for the wood. Wish you best of luck 👌 1st column, 2nd or 3rd row. That hint of green would make your space look less office-y, especially if this is your bedroom. Would look great even if you have dark or mostlyfurniture pieces Can you keep the original floors? They look better. Try to find a "warmer" grey == About Community == Members Online Top 1% Ranked by Size