that acts like a PC spell checker
Users can intuitively control the popup windows with mouse clicks, F-keys or simply moving the cursor

Using a single command or API you can add popup windows over any existing screens

If you can't change the source code you can
*still* add spell checking over your existing screens!
Auto Correct and Auto Learn
Common mispellings such as seperate and febuary, common mistakes such as "doesnt" or "isnt" or common typos such as "hte" can all be replaced with an auto-change dictionary

Spell/400 can even be taught which words can be auto-corrected

Spell/400 has some unique features in comparison to a PC spell checker, such as showing (and correcting) all the mistakes on a screen in one go

Compatible with IBM Webfacing and other 5250 GUI tools

Log who used the spell chcker, what they did and see the context

Full control over the actions users can take, along with user or application level environment controls

Almost 30 dictionaries supplied for English variations, formal language, foreign languages and names

Or you can import IBM dictionaries

Dictionary words can be added by users but are not available to other users until approved. Word approval can be manual or automated, interactive or batch

Create new dictionaries from words currently in your database - Spell/400 can take any database field and extract whole words, providing an instant company specific dictionary

Use IBM or BNB language dictionaries

since 1997
The software comes with a step-by-step demonstration as well as multiple examples ready to run

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