= 2021 GMC Yukon XL Denali with bent push rod =

Less than 5000 miles. Dealer says they’ve seen multiples of these but no recall yet. Parts are on back order for weeks. This combined with having to pay to unlock my car remotely now has me regretting this purchase. This is my 5th Yukon Denali but may be my last. Anyone else with this problem?

I sell GMC and have seen this multiple times in both the 5.3 and 6.2 engine with the active fuel management. Lifter sticks pushrod turns into spaghetti noodle, now with that being said I will gaurantee that once fixed I have seen 0 issues because they put better parts in them. If GM were to roll out a recall it would be every vehicle with those engines in it which just wouldn't be financially smart. They push rod bends anywhere from 2500 to 12000 miles from what I have seen which means GM covers in warranty customers a little angry but no cost to them so everyone rolls on. They are wonderful vehicles don't let one man made mistake (that will be fixed) ruin it for ya!
Just purchased a 2021 Yukon XL Denali hope I don't have to deal with this pushrod deal but if so glad to know that it's covered
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