= The 2021 GMC Yukon Denali Diesel Is an Efficient Huge Luxury SUV =

The gap between the Escalade and the Yukon is getting bigger with each generation

The OG escalade was literally a Yukon with a grille, even the wheels were the same. But with each successive generation, it seems like Cadillac kept trying to improve on the Escalade to make it worth buying

The price gap between the Denali and a similarly equipped Escalade is almost non-existent this generation, like, $3000 or so. But the Escalade is so much better, I feel like the Yukon Denali has difficulty making a case for itself

But the Escalade is so much better, I feel like the Yukon Denali has difficulty making a case for itself

100% agreed

I think, however, there is a (large) contingent of people who simply don't see themselves as a "Cadillac Escalade owner," and the Denali is their choice. When I worked in the car business we had a guy who previously worked at GM who told me the cross-shopping between Escalade and Denali is less than you'd think, as Denali buyers prefer the subtlety around a Denali nameplate versus the overt display of wealth that is an Escalade

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