= how much to remove paint on 2018 acura suv? =

Bumped into aacura suv today at 5pmh. My bumper bumped theirs. There are no cracks just my bumpers paint on theirbumper

How much would it cost to repaint the bumper or remove the grey paint from my bumper on her bumper?

Both vehicles need to go to local shops of the owners choice. You provided no pics or vehicle info and labor rates vary drastically area to area and shop to shop. Also even if I did give you a price it wouldn’t matter for the other persons vehicle, you damaged their property and they gave the right to take it to the shop of their choice for an estimate. If you don’t like that shops estimate that’s why you have insurance

Put yourself in that persons shoes. If someone backed into you and they got an estimate from someone on Reddit pretending to be a professional and then you take it to a shop and it’s way higher than the Reddit stranger said you are kind of dicked

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