= Went to the dealership to get new Temp Tags put on and I loved the Acura SUV lineup 🔥 =

I bought a '21 Aspec RDX in October and it's an AMAZINGcar and really fun to drive

I traded in my 2012 TSX which I bought rebuilt a few years ago modified. Lowered on coil overs w/ bags and 20s black on black

However, I started a business and decided to trade in my airbag-less, once totaled TSX (ruff rims and all) for a banging deal on the RDX and don't regret it at all. I've never owned a new car (29yo) and I bought this car after Iit 1st time

No problems with it and I've done 2700 miles (bought at 9 miles) mostly in South Florida/PB, with one trip to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and back with cruise on 90 the whole way

A little dangerous, but still 100% fun 🤣
I gotta test drive the RDX then I’m really interested in the ‘18-‘20 TLX A-Spec even my dealer and finance at my dealer knows I’m coming back in 2ish years for an A-Spec hopefully they have one on the lot. A lot of people are buying A-Specs RDX’s and TLXs and even ILXs

I haven’t put my current TLX on the road for long distance driving but I have had fun with it on the highway she’s a speedy thing and as you said, a little dangerous, but still 100% fun 🔥🔥
That V6 engine is so awesome to have makes the TLX pretty sporty
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