= late model used luxury third row seat SUV under 45K =

biggest priority is reliability followed by style, third row practicality (my 8 year old daughter who is above average height will be sitting back there alot). Not really looking for a full size SUV which will be hard to fit in this budget anyway but also not opposed to it

Im leaning towards a 2018-2020 Acura MDX which can be had for under 30K as it has decent space in the rear area and I assume should be very reliable being based off the Pilot. But at the same time I cant help but feel it doesnt hold no where near the same presence on the road as many other Luxury SUVs. Kinda get a soccervibe from it

Open to all suggestions. Thanks
I assume you are referring to a GX? One of my biggest frustrations is that Lexus hasnt released a new gen GX in forever and their newer years simply looks like they threw a new grill on a 10 year old car. If it wasnt for that the GX would be a no brainer (if I could find one in budget). I actually already own a late model Lexus RX, checked out the RXL and the third row seat and cargo seemed tiny compared to the MDX

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