= I need an SUV with third row seating and 4wd =

I just looked at Landcruisers and they are going for over 100k for new ones. I’m not interested in paying that much but I could go up to 90k. I want to buy new but am not opposed to buying used. I have a trade that is worth 30k and another 25k in cash to put down on it. Credit is excellent. I’m interested in what you all have to say

I didn’t know the Highlander had third row seating now. Also I’d prefer something that is more based on a truck chassis and had better four wheel drive capability. The keep looks pretty nice but Fiat Chrysler products over the years have been pretty poor. Although I seem to remember the Grand Cherokee being more reliable

What are the rest of your wants/needs? If you just want to spend $90k then that's fine but at the same time there are new options at <$30k that have a 3rd row and 4wd. Do you want to tow? How much weight? Drive off-road to the extent you need the mechanical advantages of a LC? Haul 7 passengers