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I posted on r/usedcars but I wanted to post here as well

I apologize for myon this topic. We're about to have a third child and we need an SUV with a third row of seats. All the children will be car seats, for at least another 3 years. We're looking to purchase (outright) a USED car and our budget is $35K-40K

I don't know how many miles is too many. What year is recommended? I don't know how to purchase a used car even

Ideally, the SUV would hold 3 car seats in the second row but just in case, we would like the option to put the oldest child in the back in a car seat (if possible). Gas milage would be great, in fact if it was a hybrid or electric it would be better

We're not picky, we just need something safe and able to haul around our brood. At most we drive 1,000/miles month and we would like it to last for 3 years (minimum). Any suggestions?
I appreciate your help in advance

As said a minivan is what you want. No car gives you that much space, car like handling, fuel efficiency, ease of access to third row, low loading floor, and a low price point. Minivans are the best. I don’t get why people are so against them. I have been out of my parents house for 8 years and my dad still drives one lol

All the children will be car seats
Seriously, most 3-rows are a joke to get to the 3rd row and unless you get a Yukon/Expedition there is literally no cargo space with the third row up

Go let look at a Highlander or Pilot and see what you think but it’s gonnawith three kids, stroller, groceries, etc
Just. Buy. The. Minivan. My wife and I just waxed poetic about our time in minivans just this weekend. We don’t need it now, but we have friends with adult sm children who still buy vans. Get over the stigma and embrace it. Or-do the ‘Fit Test’, which I suggest all the time to folks in your position:
Schedule a long weekend of family stuff… a morning st the park, afternoon at Costco, day trip to visit your parents or in laws out of town, day at a friends pool… that kind of stuff

Now, go to Enterprise and rent a 3 row SUV and go do those things

THREE WEEKS LATER: schedule another weekend very similar to the first, but this time go rent a Sierra

Go tell me which weekend you’ve enjoyed better

Owning a minivan is a rite of passage for families. Embrace it and get it over with. Fact of the matter is there's no better family hauler than a minvan. Even the full size 3-row SUVs are going to leave you wanting for space with 3 car seats outside of the new Grand Wagoneer but that thing is pushing $80k+ for the Wagoneer and closer to $100K for the GW with any options

Your budget should get you into a nice trim level 2020 or 2021 Odyessy, Sienna, or Pacifica. Maybe even top trim Pacifica which are extremely nice on the inside

When our third came along, my wife made the switch from a Lexus GX to an Odyssey. She actually liked the van better than the GX and had a couple different vans until the kids were much older. There are times she wished she still had one, but I have an Expedition Max when we need more space. That and the Suburban are about the only vehicles that can exceed the vans on comfort and space. So there are my recommendationminivan or Suburban/Expedition Max and the latter are going to be VERY used under $40k

I have the 05 Highlander with 3rd row seats. New born/toddler can fit in there no problem. Double stroller might not fit unless it is compact

What nice about this HL is that the second row seats can be manually slided forward for more leg rooms

It's practical and cheaper than the brand new one IMO but don't take my words for it

Okay we wanted the same thing. My budget was $100K. We have 3 kids in car seats

We looked at every 3 row SUV including Suburban and LX570. We ended up with a Toyota Sienna limited premium. My wife said she would never own one. Now she loves it.your ego and get a minivan…it’s better for everyone. More space, easier to get kids in and out with huge sliding doors, oh and gas is now $5/gal. I have a Lexus GX460 as my daily and it is tiny inside and way too small for 3 car seats

Minivan can fit 3 car seats plus 2 adults in back AND luggage and stroller. You won’t find that in any other vehicle configuration

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