= [Buying] Need an SUV with Third Row of Seats, please help. =

I apologize for myon this topic. We're about to have a third child and we need an SUV with a third row of seats. All the children will be car seats, for at least another 3 years. We're looking to purchase (outright) a USED car and our budget is $35K-40K

I don't know how many miles is too many. What year is recommended? I don't know how to purchase a used car even

Ideally, the SUV would hold 3 car seats in the second row but just in case, we would like the option to put the oldest child in the back in a car seat (if possible). Gas milage would be great, in fact if it was a hybrid or electric it would be better

We're not picky, we just need something safe and able to haul around our brood. At most we drive 1,000/miles month and we would like it to last for 3 years (minimum). Any suggestions?
I appreciate your help in advance

With 3 kids it is hard because they willup and not want to all share the 2nd row. It is important that you consider this when picking cars because it is a hassle moving the 2nd row back and forth everything a kid wants to use the 3rd row. This is why I would exclusively look at cars with captain chairs for the 2nd row or at the very least a removable middle seat for the second row

Highlander Hybrid: Should be able to afford the latest generation, 33mpg, captains chairs are available, storage is not great especially with 3rd row up
Sienna Hybrid: 34mpg, easy access for kids to get to 3rd row, has a middle seat in second row that could be removed, you can afford a new lower trim LE model (msrp starts @35k, aim for 38k), has a ton of tech on base model, way better storage then suvs
Acura MDX: You can afford older pre2020 generation, infuriating infotainment, not a hybrid, decent 3rd row, average storage, great looks, reasonable mpg, easy 2nd row middle seat removal, more luxurious
VW Atlas: Fold flat seats, no captains chairs or removable 2nd row middle seat, cheaper interior, large sunroof
Of course there are dozens of other cars but here's a short list. When buying a used newer car like this I would generally stay away from cars that went to auction or have more than 1 owner. You can look at all of this when checking carfaxs. Don't buy a carfax, the dealer should provide them

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