= Luxury SUV with option for third row seating. Help! =

I’ve been having a hard time settling in on what I want to grab from a luxury SUV. The harder part is, I want third row seating (even if it’s small/foldable as it will only be used maybe 5-10% of the time). This really narrows the options

Price wise, looking to spend $40-60. Considerations this far:
Pre-facelift X5: great driving, dated interior. 2017/2018 is what I’ve been looking at. This might currently be the tip runner

GV80: tied with X5 for top runner although they seem to be hard to get right now

GLB 250: have such mixed feelings here. I like this overall. Interior is super nice. I have yet to drive one so I’m wondering how ride quality is in it

GLE: Is third row only available 2020 and newer?
What else am I not thinking about and what would you do?!
There's aamount of Tellurides and Pallisades on the road (almost guaranteed one at every few intersections), but currently a fully loaded one at the dealers I've went to wanted around 12k markup making it a 60k machine lol. At that point it isn't even great value is it? Hopefully prices go back down though because 48k for a fully loaded one sounds amazing
If you can stretch the money a little bit more, used X7s are going for 65-70 in some areas (with the more reliable 6 cyl). Outside of that like someone else said, make sure if you get an X5 you get a 6 cylinder. The 8 cylinder is a nightmare in repair costs. I haven't driven the Volvo, but enough people are recommending it, I would at least test drive it

Depends on driving style you want. We were in a similar spot two years ago. Ended up with a CPO gx460 with captains chairs. Drives like a truck since it’s body on frame, but that’s what my wife wanted. Looked at x5, Denali, Gls. X7 was too new and the price points were absurd. Xc90 just didn’t do it for us because of the 4 cylinder and we weren’t fans of everything running through the touchscreen

All 3-row mid-size SUVs like the ones you're looking at are going to have very compromised 3rd rows. Some have seats that are only viable for kids while others will have storage only viable for purses with the 3rd row up. Some thread the needle and have terrible seats and storage somehow. How do you see yourself using the 3rd row?

You also indicate you care about ride quality. This is a vague term. Do you prefer floaty and soft, Middle of the road or firm and sporty? The X5 and GV80 will be firm and sporty while the GLB will be Middle of the road

You should also consider a Tesla Model Y 3-row. Small 3rd row seats and only usable if you are 5'7" or shorter. Probably the best storage in the mid-size market thanks to generous below the floor deck storage and frunk. Firm and sporty ride

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