Lifting your CRV? Do it right. Spacers on aging springs are an accident waiting to happen. Your springs are old and tired, they're going to continue to sag as time goes on, your handling will become more sloppy, and spacer systems only exacerbate this make it worse

Do it right, forget spacer lifts, install actual new lift springs! Old Man Emu suspension components are perfect for those who want ride quality over 'show' quality. Lift spacers represent "show", not go. While they do lift your Honda, the stock springs are not made for the extra weight and leverage. You end up with a vehicle that is tippy and leans when on the highway. Additionally, springs wear out, they sag, they become sloppy and unstable. Why purchase a lift to go on top of aging springs which will need to be updated before long (if not already) anyway

Won't take long and you will realize you made a mistake if you bought a spacer lift, and should have gone with the new lift springs

 Do it right the first time with Old Man Emu springs!

Old Man Emu lifts are listed below. Some folks might ask why OME suspensions are not available in taller lifts? OME's philosophy is quality and sensibility without complications. OME sizes their lifts such that there are no problems or modifications required to steering, braking, or drivetrain. Any taller and these items do become an issue. For most people, the extra inch or so isn't worth all the headache and cost necessary. Do it right the first time with OME!

Scroll down to find the correct component or kit for your Honda. All OME suspension lift/springs can be run with the stock strut shocks for the most economical lift possible on your CRV!

Rocky Road will always be committed to bringing you the best products and service. Find out why we are a leader in ARB sales throughout the world. If you'd like to show off your lifted CRV to the world, email your pics into us and Honda fans around the world will be checking out your tricked out ride!

We have a great deal of very interesting and technical and engineering information on the Old Man Emu springs

If you are interested in reading more about the undisputed superiority of Old Man Emu equipment over all others, and checking out some design schematics on these springs, please check out information on Springs Our GR2 upgrade gas shocks and struts are affordably priced, twin tube designs that blend a smooth ride quality with enhanced road control

 A low-pressure gas charge and patented check valve minimize foaming and aeration to help make sure the ride stays consistent, even under rough conditions

 When you want to blend like-new vehicle ride qualities with a little more control, while filtering out noise, vibration, and harshness GR2 is the answer! 

 If you have a Honda, CRV, Passport, or Ridgeline in the Northern Utah area and would like to purchase a set of rock sliders, please contact us. We can design a kit for your vehicle

For the 2002-07 CRV you will need to use Dobinsons springs. Another excellent Australian brand that offers an excellent ride quality while keeping all factory components within factory tolerances

 Fun video of a Honda CRV lifted with the OME springs, and some wicked cool tires! 

 Note that he did have to do some trimming to get this large of a tire installed



 Along with the kangaroo the emu makes up the Australian coat of arms. Because of their sheer mass emus can't fly, but have you ever seen an emu run? The massive strength in their legs allows them to move over all types of terrain with the greatest of ease, yet their bodies remain virtually motionless, their legs taking the majority of the terrain's impact

This is what Old Man Emu strives to achieve with its range of fully integrated 4x4 shocks & suspension systems

Vehicle suspension, especially that fitted to 4WDs, is complex to say the least. So many factors go towards determining the right solution, and no one "fix" is the answer to all vehicle models. Old Man Emu is unique. The philosophies, technology & methods behind the development of each of our products combine to ensure you get the best components the world has to offer

From humble beginnings in the tough world of off road racing in Australia, to now being respected world wide, OME takes a unique approach to the design, development, testing and support of our product range

Many of our customers love toughing it off road, and this can vary from endless hours, even days, of flat, yet corrugated dirt roads to serious, deeply rutted, rock strewn off road tracks. At the other end of the spectrum there are the four wheel drive owners who have no intention of tackling anything remotely off road. Instead, they're looking for dramatically increased ride comfort on the bitumen or to give them access to their weekend property or their favorite, out of the way fishing spot

Old Man Emu caters to the entire spectrum of customer & vehicle requirements


 Full load or empty, the critical factor that determines the correct suspension solution for your vehicle is weight. The amount of weight carried varies from vehicles with few accessories and which are only used for day to day commuting, to the other extreme of fully set up vehicles for work, touring or towing carrying a full fuel load, water, food, camping equipment and tools. Mining companies, too, fall into the extreme category & whose working environments canOE (Original Equipment) springs in a matter of weeks

 Complete integration of our components is what sets Old Man Emu apart from the rest. OME is not just a collection of parts sourced from a variety of plants around the world. Whilst we scour the world for the best suspension technology, we offer a tuned and matched, integrated set of suspension components that are designed by ARB and manufactured in Australia, with an unrelenting, no compromise approach

Shock absorbers & springs for each new vehicle start off as prototypes, and are tested and modified in a variety of terrains and with varying loads. These trials and modifications can take weeks of testing in order to ensure the best possible combination for each application

We test & modify, test & modify and continue to do so for as long as it takes to ensure each shock & spring combination is totally at one with the vehicle, its varying weights & the varying terrains it's to encounter. This results in a range of shocks to suit standard OE springs and a further range of complete OME shock absorber and spring packages

There are kits for light, medium or heavy loads, kits that won't increase ride height and kits that give maximum lift. There are systems for heavily weighted rears but no load up front and systems that are made to handle the exact opposite. There are kits for petrol models, kits for diesels &kits for vehicles with LPG. And within each kit each component is designed and developed to work in complete harmony with other matching components

Rocky Road Outfitters can supply the right combination of components to cater to your needs with a result you wouldn't think possible

I know this group (ARB) goes on and on and on about their suspension but I was a touch sceptical - why do I need to spend extra on a suspension for a $50,000 plus vehicle? But all the bucks was money well spent. If we knew the difference this (OME) upgrade would make to the truck we'd have driven it straight from the dealer to OME

This comment, taken from the internet, from a Toyota Landcruiser 80 series owner, is typical of the benefits enjoyed by customers of Old Man Emu all around the world

 Superb, on road, ride comfort

 Safer, more controlled handling

 Increased levels of ride height to suit individual requirements

 Substantially improved ground clearance for excellent off road traction

 Elimination of rear end sag - for those owners who tow or carry a lot of weight

 Only OME can offer all these benefits by providing the only, fully integrated suspension system for your four wheel drive

 What does all of this mean for you?

You will appreciate the work we do every time you drive your vehicle

 You will love the way the vehicle eats up the bumps, and steers around corners

 You will marvel at how the wheels stay in touch with rock strewn and rutted tracks that you winched up the last time

 You will relax when you pull out of the driveway with the boat, trailer or van behind you

 Every other challenge you throw at your new suspension will remind you of how well we do our work.