= A little late, but 1.5 months with my 2nd VW. 2015 Jetta SE ➡️ 2022 Tiguan SE R-Line =

I'm not familiar with Nextbase cameras but I do have a Garmin Dash Cam 56 so I'm at least familiar with the concept! I have the Garmin "Parking Mode" adapter cable as well which allows me to connect the camera directly to the internal fusebox (located behind the mini-storage compartment to the left of the steering wheel)

I'll try my best to describe what I did

In my case I needed to identify which fuses to use inside the fusebox. I don't remember the exact ones offhand but I can find out by checking the manual again. Basically tapped into the 12V socket fuse for the ACC feed and the interior lighting fuse for my BATT feed

Running it up the A-pillar from there was the trickiest part as I didn't want to pull the whole cover off since I was was worried I'd break the clips (Probably not going to happen but still worried me a bit). I was able to unsnap it about half-way which gave me enough clearance to fish the cable through using a long industrial ziptie I found near me in the garage. That's just what I had on-hand immediately at the time but really anything long and thin would do as long as you don't use something sharp

Once I got it through the A-Pillar it was pretty easy to get it to fit in the headliner. I took a
* wedge tool and gently wedged the cable between the roof and headliner so that it would stay in place. plastic*
Finally I brought the cable down to the spot just beneath the mirror where I have the camera mounted. The cable is sturdy enough to not bounce around and stays put without using adhesive

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