= 2022 VW Tiguan Comfortline R Line vs 2023 Volvo XC40 B5 Core =

Have the option of getting either of these cars at these rates and having trouble deciding: (prices in Canadian dollars, both on $0 down)
Volvo: $850/month on 48 months VW: $808/month on 36 months
Thoughts on pros or cons for either?

I don’t have any input on the Volvo but I spent a lot of time in a Tiguan recently and I didn’t really like it. It was painfully slow to get up to highway speeds, ran out of steam in the higher rev range, cheap plastic interior, uncomfortable seats, etc.. This is coming from a VW fan too

I don’t know why the guy mentioning the CX-5 was down voted I think he’s right. They’re a better value

Super helpful! The reason I’m comparing the XC40 to the Tiguan instead of the Taos is that if I’m going to go more affordable, I’d want to at least go somewhat bigger which I wouldn’t afford at Volvo moving to the XC40

Would you consider the Audi Q3 Base against the Volvo if the Audi comes in around $770?
Have you looked into the Mazda CX-5, it’s arguably a nicer and better car than both of these options

I’m same boat. Looking into getting volvo XC40 or 60, butscared of reliability of Chinese owned company. Loved my 2018 tiguan which was totalled. Replaced by CX5 lease and swapped with cx50.piece ofever driven amid ongoing issues. Not want to get another Tiguan as don’t want same car like 2018. Is Volvo comfortable and reliable?
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