= VW TIGUAN SE-R line or outback xt touring =

I have two German shepherds, I plan to put in the rear behind the seats. I like both cars but I can’t decide what the best route is

I feel like the Tiguan may be slower? Less reliable? But more room

I feel like the Outback is quicker, more reliable, but less room in the rear cargo

My wife and I actually just made this decision Some of this may not apply to you, but here are the things we found:
We liked the length of the space behind the second row better in the Outback even if the Tiguan is actually larger on paper there in terms of total volume. The Outback just seemed more generally usable space

Driving the Tiguan felt better. We were coming from losing an Alltrack and between these two the Tiguan has a slightly closer to car-like feeling by comparison. The outback rolls in turning more, feels higher, feels like has an enormous engine compartment in front of you, and feels quite wide. A lot of this might be a plus for others but I like my car to be as small as possible while meeting practicality needs

Our garage is small and the Tiguan's smaller physical footprint (even though marginal) was very desirable

While the "infotainment" in the outback looks better at a glance, it has issues that bugged me. Compared to the Tiguan, more controls are hidden in it (climate, heated seats) and are just more annoying to work with on a regular basis. Due to the size of the screen I was super excited to see what Android Auto would look like because we both use it constantly, but AA doesn't do the portrait orientation of this screen and ends up being not really all that bigger than in the Tiguan

At the end of the day though, if you think you'll be happy with either it may just come down to what you can actually get. We were in a crunch and there was a Tiguan available while we were potentially looking at months for an Outback with a turbo (the non-turbo outback feels surprisingly under-powered somehow)

As a side note: I also gave a small consideration to the plug-in Kia Sorento Seemed unobtainable in my area but a very interesting alternative. Also also, when we needed our car the Mazda CX-50 was not yet available, but this seems like it is also a strong contender in this space

I’m a big vw guy, and you’re asking in a vw thread. But I’d still say outback. My uncle has one and at one point had a husky and Labrador. He used to take them both in the outback on long road trips, trips to the park, the vet, etc. It has never broken down on him, and never had any major issues with it. His only problems are a few burnt out light bulbs in the tail lights, and we think the AWD isn’t giving power to the rear at the moment. But he still uses it. Im not sure if the AWD issue is common for all outback’s or just his. It will be fixed eventually though

I just traded my 2020 Tiguan R-Line for a 2018 Sportwagen. It was pathetically slow and there were a lot of little things thatmeabout it. It was comfortable and held all my stuff but I did not enjoy the driving dynamics or the most of the tech it came with. The car is far too focused on fuel economy. I had previously had a 2015 Subaru WRX that I traded for the Tig and regretted not going with an Outback with the 3.6 instead. You can get them now with a 2.4 turbo that makes plenty of power and they're more of a lifted wagon than an SUV. They've also improved their interior quality whereas VW is reducing theirs

I switched from a ‘17 Forester to a ‘20 Tiguan. My past 2 subarus have had many issues which I found frustrating for the reliable reputation Subaru has. I also found the interior or VW to be a bit more upgraded that Subaru which I found to be extremely basic, but I only looked at Foresters, no personal experience with Outback’s. I have a 100Lb lab and 50lbthat fit very comfortably in the cargo area of the Tiguan with the seats folded up. All personal experience though

"I feel like the Outback is quicker, more reliable, but less room in the rear cargo."
well lets see: Outback does 0-60 in 8.7 seconds and 2022 Tiguan does it in 8.1s Seems to me that Tiguan is faster

Reliability, lets google recalls: Subaru: defective fuel pump lawsuit, recalled transmission problems, recalled engine stalling, recalled twice due to software concerns, Newer Subaru Models Are Included In New 30 Million Vehicle Airbag Investigation, Subaru recalls nearly 900,000 vehicles for engine, suspension problems and so on

Tiguan: 2022 models recalled for rear spoiler detachment issue, about 10k units recalled for suspension knuckle production issue, infotainment update recall, 2018 and 2019 models recalled for acceleration issue (fixed for upper year models), 2018 and 2019 models recalled for leaking roof issue

And that's about it for a Tiguan. No major issue unlike Subaru. So, I don't know if Subaru is more reliable as clearly it has a lot worse problems

The biggest trade off for me for the Outback when I was shopping is a CVT gearbox. It's absolutely agearbox and every car company should just get rid of it. Btw, Tiguan has the same AISIN gearbox that originally came on Lexus RX and goes on many other brands and is the same one that goes into Toyota RAV4 gas version

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