= first VW 2022 VW Tiguan SE R line Black =

Just picked up my new Tiguan last Thursday. made the switch from a 17 BMW 330 so an interesting change but loving it so far. already done some of the basics like tinting and blacking out the remaining chrome bits on the front. ordered replacement side markers and about to get sequential turn signals

Is there anything I should be looking out for on the car or should know about
I'm starting a list of things I want to add or change like adding the wheel stud conversion (something I had on the BMW and I know ill miss)
moving from the stock 19 black wheels and rims ( if y'all know anywhere I can post them or someone who is interested let me know I'm in Houston TX)
wheel spacers (depending on the fitment on the new wheels want a flushed look)
lower the car a slightly
want to see if there's a way to add more ambient lighting other than the door panels in the front (want to add to the back door panels and under the seats but still controlled through the menus)
home link supported mirror (for some reason wasn't on my model)
speaker upgrade
last thing is to find a dash cam and maybe a radar detector that can be weird through the power of the mirror

let me know if yall got any tips or recommendations for other things this was just my first assessment over a week of use ad 150 miles driven


First off, the little lever on the left of steering wheel controls the turn signals. I don't think BMWs have those

(I'm kidding, although the only accident my Tig has been in was being rear ended by a 5 series driver)
Golf R springs are a good option for lowering and they are plentiful on the used market

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