= 2020 VW Tiguan R-Line Black intermittent issue =

Like the title states, wife has a 2020 Tiguan R-Line Black

I don't know if it is relevant, but it is a turbo car with the crash mitigation/lane departure system

~~Customer~~ Wife states that in highway bumper to bumper traffic, car will rev and almost stop on its own without her touching the appropriate pedals. From 0-15mph, her explanation is that the car is "stuttering, staggering, and doesn't know what to do." We had a misfire issue with another car years ago where throttle was inconsistent and she says it felt something like that. Scan tool shows no codes, none saved either. (We got the car 3 months ago)
I've driven it a few times but I couldn't replicate the issue, and therefore I have no idea where to start or even where to look

Are there known gremlins in these cars with either throttle, turbo, or something of the like? I am going to update this post as I get more information

Even a "I'd start here" would be helpful. Thanks y'all

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