= (USA) ‘22 Audi Q3 Premium Plus S Line vs ‘22 VW Tiguan SEL R Line; help! =

I’m trying to buy a new vehicle after my ‘20 VW Tiguan SEL R Line was totaled. The 2 cars in the title are equally attractive to me so I need help in the decision making process, preferably from Redditors familiar with both vehicles current years and the trims in the title (known issues, reliability, cabin noise, etc)

Sincerely grateful for informed responses, responses with depth and blunt responses

I did have issues with my ‘20 but nothing egregious that would turn me away from VW Group autos

The trunk space on the ‘22 VW is a perk as I tend to haul gear once in a while and am the designated driver when people around me go out. But the engine and power of the Q3 speak to me


I don’t own a Q3, I got an A4 so this may not be that helpful sorry. If you want the cheaper option I’d go for the VW to be honest. You’d probably end up paying more for insurance, gas, regular maintenance, etc for the Audi. For the VW you’d end up getting more space and the same quality engine just at a lower cost. But, if you don’t give aabout the money, and you want that nice Premium Plus, Quattro Powered, NiceQ3 to whip around town in, I’d go for the Q3 even though there’s a little less space. Sorry if this wasn’t helpful which it probably wasn’t LOL
I read reviews on the q3 and Tiguan and it was no brainer to get the q3 or another brand all together

I first grabbed a 2019 q3. Loved it but as others have echoed not having the Audi nav and premium sound system was a bit of a bummer

Ended up trading it in for a loaded 2021. It parallel parks itself. I’m very happy with it but I do sometimes miss the sportiness of my x1 I had prior to Audi

As a fellow German engineering aficionado who went from an ‘18 Tiguan SE to a ‘20 Q3 Premium Plus… There were some subtle differences that I was kind of miffed on such as standard CarNet/Connected Services and other small details missing. Like, in the Tiguan I had seat release in the trunk whereas in the Q3 you have to go in the backseat on each side

I am sure someone will roast me, but otherwise, I felt they were pretty much the “same”. In the end, I prefer the Q3. I liked them styling and handling most of all! Feature wise they were basically the same. That said I would double check the Premium Plus has everything you want / expect. I was peeved that I didn’t get the top tier version after a week or so of use. Missed out on Nav, Bose Sound system, wireless CarPlay, and fancier interior lighting (maybe that was prestige that I didn’t care to get). I mostly blame the sales guy … but alas I pulled the trigger

My only experience is driving a 2018 Q3 and a 2020 Tiguan so the Q3 is a generation or “facelift” behind the one you’re talking about but the Tiguan is current. I really don’t like the Tiguan personally, they’re dull, mind numbingly slow, and the interior isn’t very high quality compared to what VW used to put out (this is coming from someone who is a big VW fan)

The Q3 Ihad a MUCH nicer interior than the VW and the driving dynamics were much better in my opinion. Reliability between the two should be about the same, but parts for the Audi will likely cost more. However, if you need the room of the Tiguan than the Q3 won’t fit the bill

I had a 2016 Q3 Premium Plus and now have a 2018 SEL 4Motion Tiguan. There are subtle differences, like power and interior quality, but the Tig has more space…including the boot. The aftermarket support is slim on the Q3 as well. I do miss the extra oomph of the Q3, but I don’t regret my decision. Creature comforts come at a price if you want an Audi…
Are you dead-set on VW Group? If you have spare time, dedicate some of it to test drive alternative automakers just to see what's there

If you are looking to stay with VW Group, maybe look into Škoda/Seat? They're basically the same autos with slightly different design, but you do not pay premium for Audi/VW badge on top of the same autoparts. You might be able to get higher trim/more options for the same price

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