= Help! I need help finding a SUV with third row seating and has AWD or 4WD =

Like the title says I’m needing to get a new car. I have one infant son but plan on having one more child at least. I also have two large dogs. I need a car that can comfortably fit all of us. We also live in the mountains of Colorado so I need AWD or 4wd. I’m just starting the process of looking so I’m open to all ideas! Help me out please!

For 4 people do you need 3 row? Don’t need that 3rd for dogs. The reason I ask is that 3 rows bring compromises to jam that third row in. With the 3rd row up there is usually near zero cargo space. The 3rd row is also usually a torture chamber for adults. You are probably better off with a midsize two row so dogs go in back cargo. If you really need a 3 row and space for dogs you are into Yukon / Expeditom territory
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