= Is there a good used plug-in hybrid SUV with third row seats? =

Looking for a used hybrid (preferably plug-in) SUV with third row seating. Looking to spend around $35k or less

So far, I've only come across SUVs like the BMW X5 eDrive, but that doesn't have a third row seat. Toyota Highlander Hybrid seems ok, but it's not a plug-in and gets sub-30mpg despite being a hybrid. About 10-20 miles of plug-in range would be nice, as it would mostly cover my commute, but if it's just a regular hybrid with good MPG I can consider it

To sum up the preferences:
Third row or seating for 6 passengers
Plug-in hybrid, or regular hybrid with 30-35+ mpg
Around $35k price
Model year 2010 or newer

This is outside of your price range (maybe by a lot depending on the 7.5k tax credit, ) but 2022 Kia Sorrentos PHEVs start at 45k and seat 7

There are not too many PHEVs that seat 7 to begin with, so you may struggle finding one in your price range. If you would consider a van, you could check out older Pacifica Hybrids

Thanks! Forgot to mention that I'm trying to stay away from Kia and Hyundai. The Pacifa Hybrid check the all boxes except SUV, so just not sure if I want push a minivan

The current gen of Toyota Highlander Hybrid gets 35mpg, but it will be outside your price range. The current gen hasn't been out long enough to get used ones within your price

Current gen Sienna starts at 35K. It is hybrid and gets 36MPG for FWD version

Plug-in is going to be a tough one

Volvo XC90 can be found with higher mileage in your price range depending on where you live. Third row, 15ish miles of range on a charge, newer than 2010

Three row regular CUV hybrid? I'm looking at the Explorer, and Highlander. Also the Sienna, but that's new and minivan

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