If you’re a fan of affordable luxury, then an Acura SUV might be the family hauler you’re looking for. From the luxury wing of Honda, these vehicles are more premium than their cousins, but they don’t have the same asking price of European rivals. You even get the option of a 7-seater or hybrid types for sale in the USA, though there are no electric variants as yet

== Acura Crossover and SUV Models ==
The lineup of Acura SUV and crossover models is relatively short, comprising just three nameplates. Even so, there is a fair degree of variety when you peruse the types of Acura SUV vehicles, with several different sizes to choose from, and quite a few trim levels allowing you to customize your choice further

- RDX: In terms of dimensions, the RDX is the smallest option, available only as a 5-seater. That’s not to say it is small, though, easily dwarfing the Audi Q5 and offering a spacious interior styled with a uniquely sporty aesthetic. The 4-cylinder engine will disappoint buyers who expect this characteristic to extend to the driving experience, however

- MDX: If you need a third row of seats for carpooling, then the larger MDX is a great option. The 3rd-row is a bit tight, though, so reserve this for the kids. A more lively V6 does duty under the hood, trading mpg for mph. This also affords it with a respectable towing capacity of 5,000 lbs, making it a great getaway vehicle for those extended family vacations

- MDX Sport Hybrid: The only ‘green’ car in the Acura SUV lineup has not been refreshed for the 2021 model year; the MDX hybrid gets a lower-displacement V6 paired to three electric motors. It is also the only model to receive AWD as standard. This hurts its gas mileage a little, but it still manages 26/27/24 mpg across the city/highway/combined cycles

== Acura SUV Lineup and Prices ==
When looking for the best Acura SUV for you, three choices are made available to you. The price of an Acura SUV will depend on how you spec it, but you can expect a lot less than you would for something from American and European premium brands

||Base Price
|Acura MDX
||290 hp
||3.5L V6 Gas
|Acura RDX
||272 hp
||2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas
|Acura ADX
|Acura ZDX
|Acura MDX Sport Hybrid
||321 hp
||3.0L V6 Hybrid
== What to Consider When Buying An Acura ==
Before you pick up one of the new SUVs from Acura, be sure to check out the CarBuzz buyer’s guide. You can find an in-depth review of each Acura SUV and see how it stacks up against the competition in the US using the handy comparison tool. Everything from powertrain and features through to packages and value for money are summed up with a BuzzScore to make it easier to see who comes out on top. Here are just some of the characteristics you can expect from the luxury division of Honda:
- Capable powertrains with lively handling
- Comfortable ride quality
- Quiet, composed cabins
- Great value for money
- Not the highest-quality materials
- Limited choice of models and engines
- Overly complicated infotainment
== FAQs ==
 Which is bigger, the RDX or MDX? 
Not only is the MDX bigger than its sibling at 196.2 inches long, but it uses the extra space to slot in a third row of seating, making it an ideal daily driver for those with larger families. A new MDX will cost under $50k, while the smaller RDX comes in under $40k

 Which is better, the Honda CR-V or the Acura RDX? 
As the premium division of Honda, Acura brings many of the same design philosophies to its products. This means you can expect high safety ratings and a good dependability review, as well as excellent value for money. Add to this a greater level of comfort and quality, and the Acura RDX is the better choice, so long as you don’t mind the slightly higher asking price

 Is an Acura crossover or SUV expensive to maintain? 
The MSRP of luxury vehicles is already higher than their more commonplace brethren, so it stands to reason that the cost of maintenance should be proportionate. However, you can expect to pay around 40% to 50% less on an Acura than you would from other luxury brands. This means that you can keep your 2020 Acura SUV in great condition for little cost and sell it as a used car later on without losing much value.