That's laughably. What was the owner thinking lol.

Exactly. Monstrously
This looks reallyclearly a modification done only for the show. Those wheels protruding outside serve no purpose without a lifted suspension

Never skip leg day
I did that today morning :(
I never thought a car could be uglier than a stock XUV. This post proved me wrong

couldn't think anything more apt that this

Is this in Bangalore? I think I've seen this monstrosity

Is there a sub like r/ATBGE for awful taste and awful execution? This should be the top post of all time. XUV500 is itselflooking. And then someone did this?
r/awfuleverything ?
I saw a Maruti 800 having the same modifications. Huge spoiler, extra lights, xenon headlights and thosetyres which stick out like the OP's picture

This is what happens when someone who knows nothing about cars, wants to modify their car

My fear is for anyone who is driving in the opposite lane when those two lightbars are ON full blast! 😳
Blinded by thein the morning. Blinded by the light bars at night

Mahindra XUV,edition
Ye Kya
C h
Ke rakha hai ?
Looks like a rc toy