= Kentucky drug overdose death increased 22% in September 2021 reporing 2,373 compared to 1,943 in 2020. Louisville accounting for over 500 reporting over 65 dead per 100,000 people. =

Well 500/2400 is a little less than 1/4 of all the cases. And we are a little less than 1/4 of the population, so that tracks

I’d like to see the per capita cases for the Eastern Kentucky cases

this doesnt give an actual number per county but here is a little more info. a 49 percent spike since 2020. i guess opening the borders made it somewhat/much easier to get drugs in

Fent and the war on drugs are winning simultaneously

More about birds on cocaine from our senator rand "Toupee" paul
After effects of covid lockdowns, boredom, andhealth deteriorating. Shoutout to letting masses come and traffic fentanyl. Plus letting everyone back out with no real consequences

It’s everywhere but no more visible than in Louisville. I’ve not seen as many walking dead as I’ve had than walking and driving around downtown and on the east side of the city (along the Broadway corridor and waterfront). Needles everywhere, zombies milling about, and open drug exchanges. It’s almost as bad as what I’ve seen in Philly and Cleveland. Prosecutors who don’t effectively prosecute drug dealers; closures of state hospitals; lack of enforcement or care; etc

Wonder how republicans will spin this to be democrats’ fault. AnDy BeShEaR! 🤣