= Should I buy a Sep 2021 manufactured XUV 700? =

I booked XUV 700 AX7 Petrol AT on 4th January 2022 and I got a call from the dealer within 10 days that the car has been allotted to me. I was pleasantly surprised because Mahindra had given me a est delivery date of 76 weeks

The reason given was that someone else who had booked the same variant and color had cancelled and according to dealership, I was next in queue

I told them that I would like to do the PDI before I provide a confirmation. I wanted to do the PDI at the stockyard but the dealer refused and suggested that they would bring the car to the showroom itself. During PDI, I realised that the car was manufactured in the month of September 2021. The car was driven for around 125km too. Everything else seemed fine. I spoke to Mahindra customer care, they mentioned that the manufacturing invoice to the dealer was raised in Oct 2021

My biggest concern has been the dealer is categorically telling me that the vehicle reached their stockyard only 2 weeks back and they have not control over manufacturing dates of the car. They are also refusing to share the details with proof about when the car came to the stockyard

I am worried that it’s a display or a test vehicle

Should I go ahead and buy the vehicle or cancel the booking? Need help

The dealer is being excessively defensive with this car. If invoice was raised in October, the dealer may very well have been sitting on a cancelled car. Now it's 2022 and you have booked in 2022 for a car manufactured in 2022

Do not pay full price for last year's car. Even if everything is fine and it is a display car, you shouldn't be bullied into buying something you are not comfortable. It's your money. You dictate how you spend it

If it's not an immediate need, cancel the booking and get your full refund. Book the car from a different dealership

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