= Meet the 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline =

Ford recently revealed the newest trim level on their flagship SUV, the Expedition, with the Timberline: made for those looking for epic adventures and road trips with family and friends. The 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline is the most off-road capable SUV in its’ class, and the Lewis Ford family is so excited to see this reveal! We wanted to introduce some of the most exciting features of this SUV, with its new driver-assist and connected technologies as well as the improved interior and adventure-capable off road abilities

Lewis Ford is always committed to bringing its Northwest Arkansas customers the best selection in new Ford SUV’s in Arkansas, and the Expedition Timberline is no exception. It is packed full of features that are made for the growing family that is looking for a vehicle that can handle their outdoor dreams and take everyone on an unforgettable adventure in comfort. Just a short list of the features you can expect from this new 2022 Ford Expedition are:
The best available ground clearance in its class, of 10.6 inches, as well as the same underbody protection as the Ford Raptor and the best available power in its class

The Expedition Timberline SUV weighs less than other comparable SUV’s and still delivers on a better power-to-weight ratio, with a high-output 3.5-liter engine with more horsepower than ever

A Stealth Edition Performance Package with more horsepower and torque than other V-8 SUV’s in its class

A tow capacity of up to 9,300 pounds (with the 3.5-liter engine and 4x2 drivetrain), which is STILL 900 more pounds than comparable SUV’s with 5.3L V8 engines

The Expedition lineup brings all kinds of trim levels to the table, including the XL and Platinums, alongside the Timberline, and they all include bold styling, LED headlamps, updated tail lamps, along with a new twin-spar mesh grille, fog lamps, and chrome accents (available on the Platinum edition)

Ford once again delivered on its promise to offer more rugged SUV’s and trucks with this Expedition Timberline model, the most off-road capable Expedition ever, which is set apart in the Expedition series with a grille that’s unique to the Timberline and Active Orange exterior accents. The Timberline boosts the trail capability that the Expedition already contained, with a wider track, best ground clearance in its class, and improved approach and departure angles. That way you can explore even deeper into the backcountry and tougher trails than ever before

Other functional upgrades include a system also contained in the Bronco SUV, the Trail Turn Assist, that tightens the turn radius for hairpin trails, rugged 33-inch Goodyear Wrangler AT tires, a two-speed transfer case, and the toughness of the F-150 Raptor underbody shielding

Every 2022 Ford Expedition comes with standard and available driver-assist features that are the most available Driver-Assist Technology features in its class. These include:
Road Edge Detection: This feature engages the steering system to help you maintain your position in the lane on roads with a visible line or a clear edge
Intersection Assist: It’s not easy to traverse a busy intersection, especially when you need to consider other vehicles around you. Available Intersection Assist can help. Intersection Assist uses the front camera and radar sensors to detect oncoming traffic while you are attempting to turn left. If there’s a risk of a potential collision with an oncoming vehicle, your vehicle can alert you and apply the brakes. This just might give you more confidence when attempting to make a left turn at an intersection
Reverse Brake Assist: Backing out of parking spaces often puts drivers in situations with limited visibility, so this feature senses oncoming pedestrians and vehicles, alerts the driver, and automatically brakes if the vehicle is at risk of a collision
Evasive Steering Assist: It happens. Traffic is rolling along smoothly when suddenly there’s a slow or stopped vehicle in your path. This available feature can help make it easier to potentially avoid a collision. It doesn’t steer for you, but it can provide extra steering support if the system’s warning goes off and you need to maneuver around the vehicle ahead
Active Air Dam: This available new feature improves aerodynamics, deploying at speeds above 40 mph then automatically retracting at lower speeds for city driving and parking
As Ford’s customers, especially those located in the natural outdoor exploration available in Arkansas, seek out more adventures with their other outdoor vehicles (like dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, and more), the 2022 Ford Expedition SUV made it even easier to hitch and manage a trailer, so any driver looking to back into a campsite or down a boat ramp can do it like a seasoned pro. The available Pro Trailer Backup Assist 2.0 uses the rear camera and parking aid sensors to detect a trailer, with the driver directing it through a control knob and backup camera screen. This 2.0 version improves upon what was previously available, automating systems that were previously much more involved, for a seamless experience. The Expedition can even tow up to 9300 lbs with the Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package

Lewis Ford is here in Fayetteville to help you find the perfect new Ford SUV, like the new Ford Expedition. Our Fords for sale in Fayetteville are sure to fit your need for a quality vehicle at a price that fits you and your budget. The Lewis family has been helping Northwest Arkansans find their perfect vehicle for over 75 years, and they look forward to helping you join the Lewis family with your next new or used vehicle as well. Give us a call at (479)309-5252 and find out what we have available!
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