= What watch is best suited for biking, hiking, swimming and monitor health? =

There are many watches on sale but I am looking for tracking my activities such as hiking, biking, strength workout, sleep, heart rate

Don't need a watch for music or pay watch. Cost is quite important too


Venu 2 on my wrist and I am using it for those things minus the strength workout

Venu 2 is not really the best option since OP specified that cost is important and venu 2 is higher end watch

Perhaps Venu sq or Vivoactive 4
I recently upgraded to a FR945, but had an Instinct for 2 years and loved it! I only upgraded because I wanted garmin pay, music, and multi sport mode

Do you have or plan on getting a power meter on the bike or a controllable smart trainer? Do you, or do you plan on doing triathlons?
If either is yes, you will be limited to the 745/945/fenix series

The lower end watches don’t do bike power on device without connect IQ addins and I don’t think they can control a trainer, nor have tri mode

If you wanna hike, keep in mind battery duration on GPS

My poor vivoactive 4s can't make much more than 5 hours, and my hikes are 10-12 hours longI'm considering switching to Fenix 6s pro for that reason

Actually in Amazon Italy, Fenix 6 (non pro, 47 mm chassis) is on black friday sale at 370€, if you're not interested in music/maps that's a great great price for top tier device.