= [WP] For decades, you were the strongest magical warrior in the entire world, known for defeating dangerous monsters and performing impossible feats. Now you gave all that up to become a teacher showing aspiring students who want to be like you cool tricks on their first day of class. =

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The classroom rang abuzz as the bell rung, and the room grew silent as I walked in. Typically, they all fear me. But these ones seem interested

“Good Morning Class, My name is Mr. Calypso, and I will be your Advanced Magic Studies teacher this year. I hope that in my class, we can learn to be better Mages and discover the truly magical world around us. We’ll start with intros. You, in the top right-“ I pointed at the girl
“Tell me your name and Magic Majors.”
“I-umm. My names Joselie and I specialize in Earth and Water Magics.”
This process repeated until I got to the very last one. A boy with black hair and blue eyes with a scar on his nose

“What magics do you specialize in? You are the greatest ever, they say.”
“Why, thank you. I specialize in-“ That’s about all I got out before he fired a water spell at me

“Blade Waterfall!” He yelled as he pointed his finger at me. Water shot out of it and aimed for me. I sighed and raised my hand

“Arctic Circle.” I exclaimed in a bored manner. Within an instant, the water froze and led back to him

“Oh, shi-“ He said, just before being frozen. The class stared in shock and awe, and started laughing at the boy. I readjusted my hand to myand out my pointer finger and thumb together
“Hells Circle” I said before blowing air through the. Fire sprung from it, and it melted the ice, unthawing the boy

“Practice. You’ll learn better than to attack me like that.”
“Am I gonna have to go to the office?”

“No.” I said. The class started whispering and gossiping

“That attack was too weak to hit anyways.” Then, the class erupted in laughter. The boy sunk in his seat, now embarrassed

“Aw man. I was hoping that would work.”
“So your plan was to attempt an assassination of a teacher? Your logic and magic skills need work.” Now the class bursted with laughter

“Why are you all laughing? He had the gall to try it, but you laugh at him for failing when the same thing would happen to you? Hypocrites.”
Now the class went silent

“I’m kidding, take a joke.”
I hear approvals and comments about my skills from the crowd. The day goes on, and I realize that as of yet, they are my most skilled class ever. I have high hopes for them, and I will keep tabs on them
-Grand Master Calypso Log. Day 1 of New Year
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