= [FRESH] Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Because (feat. Joey Bada Russ, and Dylan Cartlidge) =

He's actually done a TON since then and has been one of the most prolific and successful producers of the last 20 years lol

DANGERDOOM, Gnarls Barkley, Broken Bells, Demon Days (Gorillaz), ALLA (ASAP), Modern Guilt (Beck)

I think he's been nominated for like 20 Grammys and has won aof them

The song is nice but honestly they should have made Russ and Joey rewrite their verses. They both can do better and Black Thought's verses are so much better that there's a glaring quality difference between the first and second halves of the track. If they were able to match up to Tariq this song would be legendary

I haven’t even gotten that far, still was taking in the beat to make my assessment but when I heard Black Thought go first, I knew that was the first problem with this song. I mean, there aren’t many emcees, period that can follow him and make you feel like there is no loss in rap quality

**this isfire**
Danger Mouse is the greatest Producer of Music in the new millennium and it’s pretty hard to argue

Demon Days
Black Keys
El Camino & Turn Blue
Norah Jones
Little Broken Hearts
Portugal The Man
Friends & Woodstock
ASAP Rocky
At Long Last ASAP
a lesser known classic album called ROME with JackJones and an Italian composer legend Daniele Luppi
and obviously last but not least
The Grey Album
Really difficult to argue my claim, but you have the right to your opinion even if it’s wrong

Completely agree, my favourite producer. He works with incredibly varied artists and everything he touches turns to gold. Black Thought is a GOAT too, so I can’twait for this album. The only thing I’m worried about is my own expectations being too high, because on paper this is a match made in heaven!
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