**Looking for the best, and cheapest, Windows VPS hosting Perhaps you’re looking for the benefits and convenience of a remotely accessible Windows desktop environment or you’re looking to run .ASP applications, or maybe you just want to browse the Internet privately on a Windows VPS using Remote Desktop — whatever you’re reason a cheap Windows VPS is ready and waiting for you from one of the providers below. In this post you’ll find some of the cheapest Windows VPS hosting deals available on the marketplace today

Before selecting your ideal cheap Windows VPS hosting provider you may wish to consider learning more about the technology behind VPS hosting, which we’ve covered in a summary explanation along with more detailed information on KVM Virtualization

Criteria for providers mentioned in this post include overall reputation within our community, reported user experiences, and provider’s attentiveness to reported issues

- This article was last updated September 2022
- The information/deals in this article are based on the recent submissions we have featured at LowEndBox.com. Depending on when you’re reading this, some offers below may no longer be available – if you find this to be the case, please leave a comment below so we can update the main post accordingly
**Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: **CheapWindowsVPS 
CheapWindowsVPS has been featured on LowEndBox plenty of times over the years, having first been posted in June 2014. Feedback for CheapWindowsVPS has generally been positive and they are a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable Windows VPS hosting service. Their datacenter locations include popular locations in the United States such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Buffalo. For those searching for options hosted outside of the United States, CheapWindowsVPS has you covered with their newly launched Amsterdam datacenter

**Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: **RackNerd 

RackNerd has been featured here within the LowEndBox community numerous times. They are active both on LowEndBox and LowEndTalk, and receive positive feedback from our community. RackNerd is considered a resident host here on LowEndBox and offers submitted by them are generally highly commented by community members. RackNerd is owned by Dustin B. Cisneros who established the company as an LLC, and also has most recently shared their office space expansion with the community. Certainly a significant player within the industry who is making a lot of positive contributions and who routinely ranks number one in our most commented offer threads in each month

**Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting CloudServer 
CloudServer – it’s all in the name. CloudServer has been featured on LowEndBox for years and continues to offer value-centric inexpensive cloud and VPS hosting services hosted in North America. If you are looking for a flexible and professional provider for your cloud hosting needs, be sure to check out CloudServer! They’ve sent us two exclusive deals for LowEndBox readers on their performance, KVM based Windows VPS packages which are a fantastic deal at $95 per year (3GB RAM) and $120 per year (4GB RAM)

**Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting DediPath 
DediPath is a fresh example of what “dedication to customers” should be. DediPath is owned and managed by industry veterans whom has extensive experience in the IaaS industry. Since their inception, they have strived to be both affordable and trustworthy amongst industry users and companies. They offer excellent Reseller/Affiliates program that can also be tailored to customer needs. They work to constantly add new customer facing products and features like their fully automated customer control panel, monitoring and backup solutions. DediPath offers a wide range of affordable solutions such as pure SSD VPS (OpenVZ, KVM, Windows), Dedicated Servers, Colocation, IP Transit, and DDoS Protection. DediPath currently offers their services in Los Angeles, NYC Metro and Las Vegas

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