== Introduction to Cheap Windows VPS ==
In recent times, Web hosting has become very essential to the world. With the internet becoming a large source of employment and income, it has become a necessity for almost any kind of business to have a website. The internet also helps the management to keep social contact with their customers and help them satisfy their customers better. Knowing how beneficial owning a website is for business owners, it is also imperative that there are VPS hosting services suitable for any budget

Looking at a dedicated server, you can see it is too expensive, especially for a medium-sized business. Therefore, going for a VPS server, preferably Windows VPS will go a long way to help you out. You should have it in mind that even after deciding to go for Windows VPS, you will gain even more going for a cheap one. It costs a little more than shared hosting but is not too far behind a dedicated server in terms of performance, flexibility, connectivity, control and maintenance. Although Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are cheaper than Dedicated Servers, many VPS services are usually relatively expensive. This can be because websites contain very valuable assets and it is now easy to make money with them, and also because of the capital the server company had spent in getting quality resources such as CPU, storage etc. Others are simply just trying to maximize their profits

As we pointed out earlier, price, as well as quality, must go hand in hand. Many business websites have failed simply because they paid too much for the wrong services. Therefore, when choosing a hosting provider, make sure to not only work with your budget alone but with trustworthy providers. You won’t want to end up sacrificing the progress of your business for gaining cheap Windows VPS. There are many criticisms and reviews online that can help you get an insight into a provider’s integrity, so make sure to carry out researches before partnering with any

Knowing now about cheap Windows VPS, you might be wondering if there are any cheap Windows VPS out there. Well, there are many as many companies like us offer cheap and lucrative deals. With us at VPSserver, you get to enjoy Windows VPS service for as low as $5. Our deals also contain many attractive and beneficial features as well as a 7-day free trial. With us, you can choose the most comfortable payment method for you from any of Payment by Credit Card, Paypal, Wire transfer, cryptocurrency and others. Contact us for more details on each of the methods

Your next question now might be “How can I order a cheap Windows VPS You can do this on our site using a very fast, easy and convenient method that can be done in less than a minute

- Open our website

- Tap the menu bar at the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose Pricing

- You should be presented next with all our standard plans. These plans include the following:
$ 4,99 plan:1 GB Memory/ 1 core, 25 GB disk / 1 TB transfer $ 9,99:2 GB memory / 2 cores, 50 GB disk / 2 TB transfer $ 14,99:3 GB memory / 2 cores, 75 GB disk / 3 TB transfer $ 19,99:4 GB memory / 3 cores, 100 GB disk / 4 TB transfer $ 29,99:6 GB memory / 4 cores, 150 GB disk / 5 TB transfer $ 39,99:8 GB memory / 6 cores, 200 GB disk / 6 TB transfer

- To choose a plan, select “Start VPS” below the plan you desire. For plans with a free 7-day trial available, you’ll see “Start 7-day trial” instead

- You will then be required to log in with your email and password and confirm that you’re not a robot

- You will now proceed to fill in an easy form requesting details like your contact address, region, payment method and billing cycle

- After proceeding to make payments and confirming your order, the server will take less than 20 minutes to install

- You are now ready to enjoy your cheap Windows VPS

Your budget and requirements should be the primary factors deciding the plan you choose. Also, note that there is a 7-day free trial available for the first four plans

== What are the Advantages of a Cheap Windows VPS Hosting? ==
Using VPS hosting on its own has already proved very advantageous because of its great improvement to shared server in terms of security, safety, reliability, its functionality amongst a host of others. Furthermore, without doubt, if your business requires it, then a Cheap VPS goes further to add more important benefits. Some advantages of using a cheap Windows VPS hosting include:

More capital:When you invest little money into getting a cheap Windows VPS Hosting, rather than going for costly ones, you have a good part of your capital left to invest in other areas of business. There are many other things you can do with this extra capital to make your business. You can hire better staff, improve your infrastructure or set up various essential functionalities. All this can help make your business stronger, increasing your chances of success too. Profit maximization:This is simply the capability of businesses to make as much profit as possible with as little cost as possible. It is the main aim of setting up any business. When you are operating with a cheap Windows VPS hosting, you get to save yourself extra costs. Saving this money which would have gone in as additional cost for expensive hosting services adds to the total revenue or income you receive at the end. Risk reduction:Investing in cheap Windows VPS can help reduce risks in your business. For instance, if you pay for a cheap Windows VPS and it turns out to be below your expectations, you will not be too bothered as you didn’t spend much on it. With this in mind, you can also use this cheap Windows VPS to test providers. You can try out the provider’s services and even check out others to see which one satisfy your needs better without having to spend too much

Taking all these advantages into consideration, it only shows how much you can benefit from starting with or using a cheap Windows VPS hosting

== 5 Reasons You Should Prefer Windows VPS Hosting ==
Internet technologies are now seeing many improvements daily, most especially that of Virtual Private Servers. VPS hosting is becoming more popular among current and intending website owners these days. With VPS combining both benefits of shared and dedicated hosting, it is now the most preferred option. Therefore, it is only expected that different types of VPS rival and compete against each other. Depending on the Operating System of your server, there are majorly two types of VPS hosting — Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting. Many people, however, go for the Windows VPS hosting because of its many advantages which we shall now discuss

Microsoft is highly reputable when it comes to providing the best technologies. It has a huge experience in satisfying users. They know just what a user wants and how they want it. This is why their products are always the most preferred, globally. From full control to amazing customizations, Windows VPS hosting is for IT specialists. The main advantages of Windows VPS hosting include the following:

It is Cost-effective and Budget-friendlyAs your business grows and your site gets more traffic, you may need an upgrade as soon as possible. You may have to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS. Whether it’s urgent or not, opting for a Windows VPS hosting plan can be the best decision if you are looking to save cost. Switching Windows VPS is basically paying prices close to that of shared hosting for a significant improvement. With us, you can get ideal Windows VPS hosting for small and medium-sized business for as low as only $25 per month. No Sharing of ResourcesOne huge disadvantage you will encounter with shared hosting is the fact that multiple sites are using the same resources. This means that if a neighboring site is to get an increase in traffic, the resources you will get to work with becomes very limited. This can lead to slower loading of your site, which can, in turn, discourage current and potential customers. In the long run, your revenue not only drops, but you may attract a poor image to your enterprise as well. Upgrading to Windows VPS hosting fixes all this as your resources are not shared nor drained by other sites hosted on the same server. Since every site is operating on a different environment, your website can run without interruptions, saving you from one of the major disadvantages of shared hosting. There might also be situations such as special seasons when you might expect a sudden rise in the traffic of your website. Windows VPS will be there to ensure all goes well. SecurityWe all know that when it comes to security, Microsoft has an excellent reputation. Therefore, when you get Windows VPS hosting from a reliable provider, you will definitely get the best level of security for your data. Windows comes with tools which are designed to equip your system with a certain level of protection from attacks and unauthorized access. This goes a long way to keep your personal and business data safe. Also, in shared hosting, your site can be affected when a neighboring site on your server gets infected by malware or face any other security threat. With the modifications of Windows VPS hosting, since your data is isolated and protected on the server, it is almost impossible for infections or security breaches from other sites to affect you. Better Control over Site
Windows also has a public recognition in functionality options. All Windows server comes with a default Internet Information Services (IIS) making it possible to make use of almost all the standard web-based technologies. Windows also comes with SQL and others, which provide users with excellent options of database connectivity. Again, since your Windows VPS is independent of other sites, you have better control over your website. You are also given the capability of accessing all the resources and files available to your site. This means that you can set up your server to your need and install necessary additional software

Ease of UseAnother reputation Microsoft has is the user-friendliness and ease of use of its products. This is one of the reasons why their products are usually the most preferred. Windows VPS hosting is not an exception in this Microsoft trend. The VPS comes with a graphic user interface, making it easier for beginners

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