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 Guaranteed Uptime 
Reliable, stable connectivity with our guaranteed 99.95% Uptime

 Multi-Protocol Connectivity 
Take command of your Windows VPS with RDP and VNC support

 High-Spec Infrastructure 
Servers on top-tier infrastructure ensure your workload is processed smoothly and on time

 Zero Resource Contention 
Optimized Server Solutions providing ultimate hosting isolation and zero resource contention

 Worldwide Data Centers 
Servers located at 15 strategic locations around the globe

We offer you 7-days moneyback guarantee, in case you didn't like your service

 24/7 Caring Support 
Your work is important. We know that and we care -- and so does our customer support

 NVMe/SSD Storage 
Accelerated VPS functionality with the latest NVMe/SSD hard drives

== What’s the difference between a VPS and a dedicated server? ==
Without going into too much detail, a VPS is one of several virtualized servers running on physical server infrastructure. When you buy a dedicated server, you get the entire physical server to yourself, however. So, what does that mean for you? A dedicated server is ideal for hosting massive web-based services that require a lot of processing and is understandably expensive. A VPS is more suited to small to midsize companies looking to launch their website with reliable performance and security. Unlike shared hosting, a VPS offers root access, operating system freedom, and fully customizable resources — in a word, it’s flexible. It’s also much more affordable than dedicated servers, especially if you buy from Cloudzy

== Windows VPS with KVM SuperPowers ==
KVM has revolutionized the hosting industry and it can do the same with your company. Experience hosting at unprecedented speeds and clutter-free processing using our KVM-powered Windows VPS Solutions. The NVMe/SSD storage included in all our plans make for an even more high-speed server so your websites, apps, and services will be able to show off their amazing capabilities

 What is a VPS? 
 Why Choose Windows for VPS Hosting? 
 Why Cloudzy? 
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== What Our Clients Have to Say ==

When our company decided to get into the USA's market, we made the mistake of hosting the website using our old VPS provider in France. That made our new site lose a lot of SEO ranking but we were lucky and changed to Cloudzy quickly. Now we use their USA VPS with Windows Server and we are totally pleased

I run a small design company and before we got a VPS from Cloudzy, rendering graphics took up a lot of time. Our workflow was regularly interrupted because we had to wait for the files to be rendered before starting on another design. All that changed when we bought a Windows VPS from Cloudzy. Now, we can afford to focus on creating better designs without worrying about delays and computation costs

Since I tried Cloudzy’s Windows VPS plan, I have come to understand that the VPS plans of other hosting providers are very overpriced. Good quality but great prices. Thanks, Cloudzy

== Find the VPS Solution that Suits Your Needs ==
Take a look at our wide selection of VPS hosting solutions and find the one that will really synergize with your company. You can always contact us and we'll help you find the plan you need to make your business a success. Get your VPS Solution right now!
== Frequently Asked Questions ==
 What can I do with a VPS? 
Almost anything is possible! Most people use VPS to host their websites so that’s one thing you can do. You can also develop, test, and launch your own web app. Are you into online gaming? Why not host a gaming server for your friends or how about setting up a commercial one? If you know your way around Forex markets, you can run your own Forex trading bots or Expert Advisors. The possibilities are endless and success has never been easier

 How Can I Connect to My Windows VPS? 
You can use the SSH, RDP, and VNC protocols to remotely connect to your VPS and start setting up your amazing websites and web apps. To do that, you need a remote desktop client so if you’re using Windows, you can use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop or TeamViewer. Most Linux distros have Remmina as their default client and for Mac, you may want to use RemotePC or Splashtop. If you know your way around servers and hosting, you can also connect directly using a terminal CLI

 I live in the US but my customers are in Europe. Do I have to use a US server? 
No, you don’t. You can choose any one of our 15 global server locations for your Windows VPS hosting. That means you can choose a server in Europe so your customers won’t experience any lag or latency using your services

 How do I install Windows Server 2019 on my VPS? 
You won’t have to! Just choose a Windows version and we’ll handle the rest. You’ll get instant access to your VPS with Windows already installed and running

 How long does it take to deliver my VPS? 

No time at all. Once payment is confirmed, you’ll instantly receive an activation email with details on how to connect to your Windows VPS. If you’re paying with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, please keep in mind that it takes a bit longer for crypto payments to be confirmed, so you’ll have to wait for a few minutes for your Windows VPS to activate

 Do you also accept Ethereum as payment? 
Definitely. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and other major altcoins. Pay anonymously and securely with our crypto payment options

 Can I add a Web Hosting Control Panel? 
Of course! We offer the powerful Plesk Obsidian control panel for our Windows VPS plans, so make sure to request it when ordering your VPS. Since you have full root access, you can also install any other control panel you like

 Can I pay with PayPal? 
Sure. We offer a wide selection of payment options, including PayPal and PerfectMoney. So feel free to pay for your favorite Windows VPS plan however you want

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