= Man performs dangerous fire breathing stunt without any prior training, gets engulfed in fire. (Hospitalised & out of danger now) =

They cause of those flames was the first clue as a professional fire eater myself that he had no training. No smart fire performer would've lit a flame before closing the bottle and putting it down away from themselves. I saw it in his hand and knew immediately this video would end with flames everywhere

You shouldn't hit his face with that blanket/clothing, it could spread the fire even more. Right thing to do is to lay it down covering his head and upper body and kind of massage the oxygen out to put out the fire. Easy to say sitting safe behind a screen, but that's how it's done. Cheers!
You know somebody wouldthat up and smother the person they're trying to save

"Everything's going to be okay sir! That's it, just relax. There's no need to struggle. I'll have this fire out in a jiffy! There the fire is out and you're You're Oh
Man the. Let's just take this oxygen starving cloth and instead use it to fan the flames. I would understand better if thatwas the mortal enemy of this burningand was going for the perfect crime

Then I saw his face
*keyboard riff* now I’m a believer that he needs a hospital *keyboard riff*
Note to self: if on fire, do not wipe face flames away with open bottle of gasoline. Use something else

He did the stop drop and roll part perfectly, He just did it on top of the fire

Lmao the guys who tried to help him in the beginning got caught in fire as well
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