= Postgresql cloud hosting alternatives after Heroku free end =

CockroachDB Cloud works pretty well for me, if you don't need any of the advanced features

Which features (obviously non admin) are not supported in cockroachdb ? Is there any list I can refer ?
That's a great alternative, there's a guide for migration as well:
On the flip side, going all in on RLS you can do away with your backend almost completely if you're basically just doing crud. You can use edge functions for webhooks, and if you need a bit more functionality you can create postgres functions as well. Of course if the needs are more complex it stops being suitable, but for a lot of apps, especially hobby ones it's pretty good

GCP gives you a decent amount of free time

Could hold you over until you find something new
AWS free covers postgres
After the free credits periods are over, you have to be a little careful with GCP and AWS. Sometimes there can be costs to things you wouldn't expect

I stopped using AWS because I'd get charged randomly for Route 53 ingress/egress. Now I'm using GCP, and get charged close to $1 a month for key management services. The GCP costs are way more predictable, so I don't mind loading up $20 a year for my hobbyist web stuff

I completely agree that you should take advantage of the free time from either GCP or AWS (or both) though

It's not managed Postgres, but you can get a compute instance with 4 Ampere cores, 24 GB of RAM, and 200 GB of SSD storage on Oracle cloud free tier and then install Postgres. Alternatively, they offer free managed Oracle databases up to 20 GB in size in the free tier

For non-free but inexpensive managed Postgres service, take a look at Scaleway. If I recall correctly, the least expensive instances should run around $10/mo

you also get two free micro amd instances with oracle, if you want to save your ampere cores for a more power hungry project
Just for anyone wondering how and why Oracle can offer such generous free cloud services - I've read that they often seem to decide "ok this leech* will clearly never pay, ban 'em!" and then your Oracle account gets

See this post and a lot of the comments on it, e.g. this one

Likely not an issue to try them out etc., but just have your stuff backed up and ready to spin up elsewhere in case they ban you

*IDK what else kind of term they would be using if this is how they treat their clients

I signed up yesterday and the servers are fast but holyis the management interface the most bureaucratic interface I have seen

At times it doesn’t even seem like a PaaS or IaaS

I still am not sure how you manage ssh keys after you signup. I guess you manually have to add them to each instance

I haven’t tried their command line tool yet but it can’t be as bad as that web ui

railway.app has $5 of free usage and supports Postgres. They recently added a migration guide for Heroku users too

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