Few people have pulled off feats of athleticism on the big screen on par with Jackie Chan. Starting his career as a child, he first got noticed while performing as a stuntman for Bruce Lee's
*Enter the Dragon *and *Fist of Fury* before starring in his own films by the late '70s

New generations of fans continue to discover Chan's large catalog of work, which have maintained their thrills even after so many years through their authenticity. Chan does all of his own stunts, most of which are extremely dangerous. The ten below were the most extreme he ever did. Some of them were pulled off successfully, while others severely injured the star

== 10 Who Am I - Sliding Down The Slide Of A Building ==
A fantastic chase scene on top of a skyscraper is not enough. Chan had to top it off by sliding down the building. He doesn't just go down on his back, however. Jackie Chan throws in some clowning around by running and going face first before stopping himself at the last moment

While most of the stunts on this list have heavy danger, there is no way this stunt going wrong would have ended in anything but death for the actor

== 9 Police Story - Mall Jump ==
*Police Story* culminates in a fight in a mall. During the sequence, the star jumps off a railing from the top floor, slides down a pole through glass and lights, and finally hits the floor. While visually spectacular, the stunt took a toll on the performer

Chan burned much of the skin from his hands and nearly broke his spine. By his account, the actor was getting ready to head to anotherwhen he found that all of his strength had left him after the stunt, leaving him unable to even open a car door

== 8 Drunken Master II- Hot Coals ==
Nothing beats walking over hot coals, and Jackie Chan knows this first hand after filming
*Drunken Master II*. Walking across them was not sufficient, however. Instead, he crab walks across the unimaginably hot floor

The movie's hero fights by getting wasted, so one would think Chan engaged in some method acting before trying this daredevil stunt. Anybody who has done this in real life deserves immense amounts of respect

== 7 Police Story - Hanging From A Bus With An Umbrella ==
*Police Story* sees the actor hanging from the back of a bus with an umbrella while it is going full speed ahead. That's only the start of the sequence, too. He eventually climbs up the bus before the bad guys on it manage to knock him off

The other actors in the scene deserve special commendation as well. The scene ends with the bus making an abrupt stop, causing Chan's opponents to fly through the bus's front window. They all land on the hard concrete below, sans cushioning

== 6 First Strike - Jumping Onto A Helicopter ==
*Police Story 4: First Strike* opens with a chase mirroring similar sequences from *James Bond *movies. The actor doesn't end it by parachuting off the side of a cliff, however. No, Chan snowboards off the edge and catches a helicopter

Think about all the things that could have gone wrong. If he came in too hot or the helicopter was too low, he could have been cut up by the blades. If the vehicle was too far or he wasn't fast enough, then he wouldn't have hit the mark at all and fallen down

== 5 Project A - Clocktower Fall ==
The actor isn't only influenced by action stars who came before him. Chan was also heavily inspired by comedians like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, the latter of which he pays homage to in several films

One such stunt that references Keaton involves Chan hanging from a clock hand up in the air. Jackie Chan takes things a step further, however, and falls from the height and through several awnings. He did the take several times, each of which looks incredibly painful

== 4 Police Story 2 - Jumping Through Glass ==
While on top of a bus in
*Police Story 2*, Jackie Chan's character jumps from the moving vehicle through a pane of glass. While the actor was supposed to go through a section designed to be safely broken, he miscalculated his move and jumped through a genuine sheet of glass, sustaining numerous cuts

Like many of his dangerous actions, the ending credits show the result of his mistake. At least the stunt looks genuine on camera

== 3 Supercop - Hanging From A Helicopter ==
Even by Jackie Chan standards,
*Supercop* is a standout spectacle of stunts and fighting. Helicopters played a large part in the danger and injury. Chan suffered particular nasty damage when he got hit by one when he was too slow to get out of the way

The stunt that gets this entry, however, went off without a hitch. It is a good thing, too, since an error would have ended with the actor becoming a pancake. Jackie Chan hangs hundreds of feet in the air from a helicopter ladder. While holding on to a ladder is simple, doing so in this way is a true daredevil move

== 2 Armour Of God - Hot Air Balloon Jump ==
This one is genuine but did require some editing trickery. This scene in
*Armour of God* sees the character jump off a cliff onto a hot air balloon. Jackie Chan really did jump onto the floating transport but from a plane

For the shot of him jumping off a cliff, they had Chan jump using a wire. BASE jumping and skydiving are two different skills, and the actor was inexperienced with the former

== 1 Winners And Sinners - Chase On Skates ==
The 1983 feature
*Winners and Sinners*, directed by Samo Hung, features Jackie Chan chasing down the main characters on roller skates. With the star, however, it is never so simple. He swerves between traffic, jumps over cars, goes beneath a truck, and even lays down as a car drives over him

The high-speed chase is truly impressive to behold and ends with a massive car pile-up. Fortunately, Chan was not a part of the car crash, but given his versatility as a stunt performer, we wouldn't be surprised if he tried to convince the production to let him be one of the cars

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