= Looking for a reliable, inexpensive domain name + hosting solution. I heard namecheap is good, so do I just need that and a webhost? Is the namecheap+WordPress Hosting bundle a good combo? I plan to upload HTML/JS site files from a template from httpsonepagelove.com/templates/free-templates =

Or httpsapp.netlify.com/drop and custom domain is free as well as the hosting itself..

So basically I just get this for $26.06 / year (I guess it's more like $55/yr after the first year) and it's all I need (domain + basic hosting); and then they just give me the FTP login credentials and I upload my index.html and associated files?
Just use any free static page provider (github pages, netlify, cloudflare pages, etc) and a domain name

If I were you I would just use the free cloudflare tier with them as the domain registrar. They offer CF Pages (served via their global cdn)
Edit: Also, if its just html/css/js you dont need wordpress at all Edit2: Static site providers normally don't use ftp, they use github/gitlab as the source control its more convenient. Some of them let you directly upload files, but just use git

check my post on this here:
"Flat" = Github pages (Github Pages is solid, Grav should work here? Batflat?)
Not "Flat" (WordPress, etc)
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Could you explain what you mean? What is managed hosting vsnot? Is the other free? Sorry, I'm not too familiar with how hosting+domains work

Also, what do you mean by hacked? It's just javascript/html stuff for a page with the business address and some pictures. No PHP or other serverside stuff.