= Moving DNS hosting from namecheap to cloudflare unable to send email? =

Using gmail's "send mail as" feature, with namecheap set to use cloudflare's nameservers and getting the response "you no longer have access toAdditionally, if I send email through the web mail from cpanel, the emailbut seems to go nowhere. So outgoing mail appears broken

It's been 48+ hours since setting up cloudflare (which autopopulated the DNS records)

Any ideas?
I could either be misunderstanding your issue, and I could also be completely wrong. But if you're talking about using your email from your domain that you had access to through Namecheap, I don't think you'll be able to access that anymore if you move your DNS to Cloudflare. At least I certainly couldn't. I ended up using the email forwarding built into Cloudflare instead. Again, I could be completely wrong, and now I'm curious if anyone else has an answer for you lol

I had asked for assistance, and the namecheap tech had me change the mx record in cloudfare from mydomain.com to mail.mydomain.com, which was incorrect. I banged my head against this for hours and ended up checking what the default mx records were in my cpanel for a different domain. I saw that the MX record was just mydomain.com. I made that change at cloudflare as well as additional records:
and PTR for good measure
which seemed to resolve the issue

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