= Issues with Namecheap shared hosting SSL with letsEncrypt =

I am having an issue with my SSL certificate on two of my sites

My hosting is done through Namecheap. I bought a shared hosting plan where I have the main domain and I have 2 other domains in the shared hosting plan

I was able to get the SSL certificate on my main domain io2labs.com, but for my other 2 domains for some reason the same solution won't work. Also the SSL won't work for "www.io2labs.com" only for "io2labs.com"

The solution that I am using is the Acme script for the free LetsEncrypt SSL. The reason why I like this solution is because it would automatically renews the SSL every 3 months

Would love to know what I am doing wrong or someone to point me at any direction where to fix this

Thanks in advance!
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