= Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Belize (Feat. MF DOOM) =

So they slowed down DOOM’s vocal

Definitely works for the track (and the track is a banger) but because I’ve heard Notebook 03 so many times it feels off to me

It won’t to 99% of listeners though. It’s only because I’m able to compare it. It’ll sort itself in myonce I’ve listened to this version aof times

This whole album is straight up incredible. Glad Danger Mouse came back with a bang, I wasn’t too fond of the last Broken Bells record, and he hasn’t put anything noteworthy out (besides as a producer) in a bit. The production/beats on this are. Great reminder of what a crazy lyricist Black Thought is as well. And obviously love the DOOM track

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[Apple Music]: Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Belize (feat. MF DOOM)
[Soundcloud]: Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Aquamarine (feat. Michael Kiwanuka) -- uploaded by Danger Mouse
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