= Cyclist bikes over bridge arch in dangerous stunt =

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Pretty shure this is from the Road Bike Party series of videos, where top MTB and Trials pros shred on a top of the line carbon road race bike. The impressive thing is not that the tricks are the "most extreme ever" but that with enough skill you can still do them on a bike that is designed for a completely different riding style. And that a road bike won't necessarily snap in half when you back flip it! Sadly the person behind the videos, multiple world champ winner and bunny hop record holder Martyn Ashton broke his back at a bike demo, but his friends carried on the series

This harder then you think. As kid, I use to ride across a train trestle. There was a single board down the middle. You see between the tie, and the river was far below, but you unlikely to fall through. Still, it was hard to do. You get choking feeling, like something is forcing you to stop

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