= Gucci Mane - Stunting Ain't Nuthin feat. Slim Jxmmi, Young Dolph =

When I say he turned theup on Chopping Blades it's still an understatement. I love his raspy voice

Too bad he's overshadowed by his talented brother, but Jxmmi still my guy
People don't even know what he's gonna do in the zoo looking at the zebras
I disagree. I feel like without his bro he never would've been famous. I see comments like yours on every slim Jimmie and Rae post which also makes me feel a type of way. Like if that many people have to say it you might just be rated adequately lol

No doubt, some of those songs off SR3MM are straight fire. Jxmmi pulls through on a fair amount of tracks

Brxnks Truck is 
This a goated Dolph verse for sure
"Nah it ain't nothing to me Boy, I get money in my sleep (yeah) Buy a new car every week (what?) Get a neweveryday, ayy"
"You don't wanna go shooter for shooter (you don't wanna do it) You don't wanna go million for million (you don't wanna do it) You don't wanna goforI gotin Hawaii (yeah) I gotdown in Houston Some millionaires and some boostin'"
"I'm selfish, I only buy coupes (coupes) Told ato bring one friend Hardheadedbrought two Look one of them in the eye, said "I alreadyyou, why she brought you" "
Dolph ad-libs always get me hype lol but RIP Dolph man . . been a fan of Gucci he’s the most consistent og imo
My boy had a 7 track CD in his06' Murano he used to trap out of. The CD would just loop and repeat over and over again in the whip. This song was one of the seven tracks

Amen to those wild days

Has people's attention span fallen so badly that a 5 minute song with 3 verses is too long? Don't listen to any hip hop prior to datpiff mixtapes then
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