= Cyclists arrested over 'dangerous stunts' on top of Abu Dhabi bridge =

He posted it on Reddit as well

That’s akram, Iraqi guy, pretty active in the skateboarding/bmx community in the UAE, great guy if you met him. afaik he’s done a lot of stuff in the past too, basically building his portfolio for companies like redbull etc
He can build his portfolio in non-high security places. Unfortunately, Sheikh Zayed bridge is not one of them

Ever seen that video of that guy jumping between 60 storey buildings in JBR? Thats proper big

This dude used to be in my uni, was never the brightest kid in the class and this explains it lol
You're the 33rd person to so cleverly use theprizes' phrase today

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Howu have to be to do that in this country in America I get it u might get off with a warning or community hours but here u can be jailed for serious time for that
It's illegal to ride bikes on the main road, plus he wore a helmet. Police should be commending him for being one of the few law abiding cyclists in the UAE

Nah cause then they'll have no reason not to think they can't do it again without getting away with it
Actually, no. They are old enough to know what they did is very. What if something fell on the motorists? I think they should have the book thrown at them

Oh the horror! Someone rode their bike at an angle /s
theup and stop being so uptight. If this tops your list of things to rage about, you need to find new things to rage about

Bad idea to pull a stunt there. That is an intensively monitored area due to proximity to ADNOC refinery. Was with a friend one time and had engine trouble as we pulled up the bridge. We had to pull over mid bridge and less than 5 minutes we have a police car come to us to check. Our smoking engine told the story so they had waited with us till a tow truck came. Anyway if they are expats, they can say goodbye to their visas

Never graduated from the University of Darwinism. What an irresponsible thing to do.