= ‘Fast and Furious 10’ Filming Has Neighbors Fuming Over Dangerous Car Stunts =

They’re not racing in the ‘Jurassic’ universe, because Dom riced-up McFly’s DeLorean and it went past 88mph trying to evade Johnny Tran’s crew and it accidentally sent them back to the year 65,000,000BC?

Brian takes a hard left, sending him flying up a ramp. In slo-mo, Dom looks up as Brian's upside-down car sails over his own. Brian looks back down at Dom, their heads inches from each other. They crane their necks to steal an upside-down kiss, and Dom's tongue explores Brian's

Interior, garage, night. Dom stands behind a bent-over Brian and Tokyo drifts into his
They are zapped with a shrink ray and injected into Vin's body ala Innerspace or that old Disneyland ride

I don’t even know why they need to “film”- just set up a camera on any street and they’ll get footage eventually
With the way people have been driving since the pandemic they'll get someand dangerousreal fast

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