= Tom Cruise is known for volunteering to do dangerous stunts in his movies. For example, there's a scene in Collateral (2004) where Cruise thought it would look better if he actually shot andtwo people with a handgun. =

Too bad he didn't go with his natural hair color because that looked terrible

I just rewatched this movie btw, boy is it slow in the first half. And I had trouble recognizing Mark Ruffalo

The guy believes that aliens came to Earth on spaceships and putspirits in volcanoes that then went into us to make all the bad things happen. I kinda wish that was a joke

This movie is what happens when you question the teachings of Scientology. 🛸HAIL XENU🛸
Some people believe the earth is 6k years old

Some people believe in self made billionaires

People are kinda

Part of me is convinced John Wick only exists because someone watched this part of Collateral after an all night coke binge and thought "what if a whole movie but this."
Now I’m going to share the obligatory, “this hip draw fire scene is so accurate that law enforcement show this clip during trainings on how to do a proper hip fire.”
Apparently Michael Mann is very good at showing proper firearm usage between this and Heat’s big shootout with Val Kilmer
I watched a professional Quickdraw champion (which exists) review this scene, and she said Tom clearly studied Quickdraw because he was impeccable at it

Watched this in theaters and the technicians had the audio cranked. The sound mixing for the gunshots was perfect. This scene was
**LOUD and caught aof viewers off guard. - I've never had a movie try to make gunshots at least reasonably realistic. It was awesome

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