= Cyclists arrested over 'dangerous stunts' on top of Abu Dhabi bridge =

Would be cooler if they were able yo get some drone shots , but drones are illegal too
For the clout ☠️ there’s a bike park in hudayriyat but I guess that’s not thrilling enough
While I know the safety concern to themselves and the public, and I mostly like the law and order the UAE implements ..

I really admire these kids, far more than the tsunami of dull strangers I encounter in the UAE whose free time is 'watching Netflix and sleeping', and who last did any sport 15 years ago but still claim it as a hobby

Respect to the bikers for living it up
hahaha I usually ask potential job candidates what hobbies or interests they are passionate about outside of work If I had a dirham for every person that gave a monotone "I like to watch TV/Movies" with zero enthusiasm I would be quite wealthy lol
There are many different ways to enjoy an activity without it being dangerous to the individual and potentially putting others at a risk. Very careless behavior
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